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Search Engine Optimization Is No Longer Good Enough

It is not just about SEO anymore, it’s about WPO – or Web Positioning Optimization too. With updates to the Google algorithm like Panda and Mayday and integration of social media metrics as part of the search engine rank factors, we can clearly see that web marketing is not and should not be limited to SEO only. Well, there is

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Is Your Corporate IT Department Dead?

Gone are those days when your internal IT department had absolute control over all the technology decisions of the entire enterprise. As Brook Miller, chief technology officer at Motivequest, rightly puts it “Your IT department is dead!” Here is why the IT manager no longer holds supreme control: Your IT department can’t control the technology used by every employee: The

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Is it time you redesigned your company website?

By now, we’ve come to know how the economy can affect almost everything, including websites. When times are tough, updating your website is the last thing on your mind what with the lack of budget or other things that are more important on your plate. Even when it’s going well, you have little reason to update your site. Although this

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Are Social Networks the New Front Line For Social Engineering?

The corporate sector is increasingly using Internet-based technologies, and cybercriminals have found ways to take advantage of corporate Canada’s adoption of social media and internet technologies. Using social networks and search engines, attackers are stealing intellectual corporate property which is more valuable than day-to-day financial and customer data by performing astutely crafted social engineering attacks. These attacks are mostly devised

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