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Should you upgrade to Windows 7

Why You Should Upgrade Windows 7 The introduction of first the developer and then the customer previews of Windows 8 have caused some people to forget all about Windows 7. We must remember that wide release of Windows 8 remains months away, and many small-business owners are just starting to upgrade their companies’ computers to…


Have you heard of Ransomware?

People running Windows servers have yet another cyber threat to worry about. Something known as RansomWare has been making the rounds lately, holding small-business owners’ important files hostage until they meet the hackers’ ransom demands. Small businesses tend to come under fire from hackers more often than larger businesses because small businesses often use less…


Canadian Consumers Could Get Break on Cellular Contracts

Have you ever had a cell phone plan that just didn’t work for you, and you wanted to end it and try something different? Maybe you found yourself in a financial situation that made having a cell phone plan something of a luxury. Whatever your reasons for wanting to end the contract, you had to…


How do you keep your staff productive?

The Cost of Lost Productivity Could be Higher … or Lower Than You Think Productivity, productivity, productivity. It’s always been important. IT firms around country promise potential clients that their IT services can help companies maintain business continuity and employee productivity no matter what. But what no one really seems to know is how much…


Facebook IPO scheduled in May

Facebook’s been getting a lot of face time in the news lately, not only because it introduced its new Timeline feature but also because it announced it would be going public in late spring 2012. Shortly before celebrating its eight-year anniversary on Feb. 4, 2012, Facebook announced its plans for an IPO. The Menlo Park,…


Apps to Make the Personal Assistant Obsolete

You know, given the current state of the job market in several countries around the world, particularly the United States, Canada and Australia, it seems a little odd that people keep touting ways to put others out of work. Yes, working with others can be trying at times, but there are just some things that…


Top iPad Applications for Attorneys

Anyone who’s ever  watched a courtroom-based movie or television show knows that lawyers do a lot of reading, a lot of writing and lug around a lot of folders, legal pads, etc. They also do a lot of traveling to court, to meetings with clients, etc. So, it’s probably a great relief for them to…


iPad Replacement for Laptop?

Laptop makers have nothing to fear from any version of Apple’s iPad … for now. The iPad may be all that, but where’s the bag of chips? Apparently, according to Dan Gordon in his article for Intivix, they’re not coming. Others, like Will Shanklin and Lauren Hockenson, would disagree. Shanklin and Hockenson believe that the…


Must Have Apps For Your iPad

Whether you use your iPad primarily for business or personal purposes, will determine what apps you absolutely “must have” as Lex Friedman put it in his article for Computer World. Everyone has his own idea about which apps you “must have” on your iPad. There are so many from which to choose, that you really have to make…


Canada’s Penny Sings Its Swan Song

Soon penny pinchers in Canada will have to start pinching nickels. Canada’s government has decided to follow the lead of countries like Switzerland, Brazil and Australia among others, and discontinue making pennies. Later in 2012, the Royal Canadian Mint will stop distributing pennies to financial institutions for good. Most people disregard pennies, waving them off…