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What is a SSL Certificate?

If you accept credit card payments through your website or collect confidential information, then you’ll want to have an SSL certificate. Honestly, if you’re committed to the success of your business, then you must commit to protecting your clients’ privacy and their financial data by obtaining an SSL certificate for your website. Privacy is important…


Were you shopping online this holiday season?

Were you shopping from your Smartphone this holiday season? Many of you did! And why wouldn’t they? Besides just letting you shop from where you are, digital shopping enhances your shopping experience with the ability to research pricing, reviews, and product purchase options with ease. Results of a survey conducted for National Cyber Security Alliance…


Google Chrome overtakes Firefox

The holiday season is almost here and it is one reason to rejoice for most of us. Chrome, however, has more than one reason to be happy. According to StatCounter, a Web analytics company, Google Chrome has finally surpassed Mozilla Firefox to become the second most used web browser in the world. This doesn’t come across as a surprise, though.

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