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Pinterest: A new social media platform to promote business

Pinterest is one of the newest social media sites that have managed to gain an immense popularity within a very short since its launch and now it is considered as a gem among all social media sites. This is an intuitive site that allows the users to upload and share images, videos or links that…


Google Set To Punish Content Scrapers

Content scraping (a term for stealing content from other sources, in case you didn’t know); looks like Google has finally decided to do something about it! In what has been said to be one of its strongest anti-copying measures, Google has decided to let users directly report websites that appear to be scraping content from…


Is it time you redesigned your company website?

By now, we’ve come to know how the economy can affect almost everything, including websites. When times are tough, updating your website is the last thing on your mind what with the lack of budget or other things that are more important on your plate. Even when it’s going well, you have little reason to update your site. Although this

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