Three reasons Windows 7 is right for your GTA business

There are still companies throughout the GTA who are still running Windows XP.

Microsoft is starting to pull the plug on their 10-year-old, very stable Windows XP  Operating System. Has your business made the leap over to Windows 7?  Time is running out on the effectiveness of Windows XP and you run the risk with your network security if XP is still being used.

Official Windows XP support ends in 2014.  Some of you may thing this is still a long way out.  True, this date is the official end of support for XP however  driver, application support and updates will finish in 2012.  Now is the time to move  to Windows 7.

Windows 7 will be the de facto standard for Toronto business for many years.  Dynamix Solutions recognizes this and encourages all of our clients to maximize or make an initial investment in Windows 7 today.  There are many enhancements, tools and services available for business allowing you to  reduce overall IT costs, enhance IT security and leverage newer technology.

Efficiency gains, support for new web applications and a secure computer network are some of the business reasons why making the leap to Windows 7 is a must.  We will focus on three reasons why Windows 7 can help your business:

  • Security – Bitlocker and Bitlocker To Go allows business to lock down critical data on laptops, desktops and thumb drives.  Keeping your data secure.  Data theft is a big concern for companies today.  Windows 7 addresses this.
  • Connectivity – DirectAccess eliminates the needs for complex VPNs and BranchCache allows you to extend your network across multiple locations.  BranchCache also requires Windows Server 2008.
  • Search – Federated Search allows users to find information on the network, their email and across the web (trusted sites) without the need of going out to Google.  Larger corporations can lock down what information is available in search.

Windows 7 is available in three versions for business:

  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Ultimate

Which one is right for you?

Our team of professionals at Dynamix are available to help consult with your Markham business.  We are here to support you as you plan to replace aging computers on your network and streamline your deployment of Windows 7.  In addition to our team of desktop support professionals we also have skilled engineers making sure your servers run at their best.  Server performance and desktop optimization must be considered in your network support strategy.

Looking for help with Windows 7, call Dynamix today, we are your Toronto IT consulting firm.

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