Toronto: One of the World’s Most Livable Cities

Toronto boasts many reasons for being one of the world’s most livable cities.  The culture tapestry of the city and the high caliber of entertainment venues and sporting events are second to none.  Diversity of culture and people is exemplified in the number of neighborhoods that populate the city.


Toronto is home to more than 100 languages and dialects, making it one of the world’s most diverse cities.  This is further amplified by the amount of restaurants and cultural facilities that cater to each ethnicity.  Toronto Chinatown is one of the biggest in the world, next to Vancouver and New York.

Toronto is also home to over 50 dance and ballet companies, two symphonies, and six opera houses.  The Royal Ontario Museum, one of the largest in Canada, and the Toronto Art Gallery which features world-class exhibits from around the globe also call Toronto home.

Finally, Toronto is known by many as Hollywood North.  For aspiring actors and those who star watch, Toronto is home to more than 200 film and televisions productions per year.   In addition The Toronto International Film Festival is a major publically attended highlight of the year as thousands of tourists flock to the festivities in early September.  Not only that, those same tourists visit Canada’s Walk of Fame which pays tribute to renowned Canadians through a series of inlaid “sidewalk Stars” located in the Theatre District.


Toronto plays host to an NHL franchise, the Toronto Maple Leafs; a Major League baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays; a Canadian Football Team, the Toronto Argonauts; and an NBA franchise, the Toronto Raptors.  Toronto is any sports fan’s dream come true.  Add to this list of sports teams that Canada has, there is even a professional soccer team.

Toronto also has many exhibits for visitors and residents alike.  The CN Tower is the largest freestanding structure in the western hemisphere.  There is also the Toronto Zoo, Heritage sites (the Distillery District which is the location of the largest and most well-preserved Victorian establishments in North America), spas, wineries and breweries, international gardens, and hundreds of festivals throughout the year.

Cost of Living

With over 140 different neighborhoods, Toronto has a home for anyone.  The average cost of a single-family house is $442,377 while a condo sells for $330,911.  According to Bloomberg Business Week as recent as 12/07/2011, the unemployment rate was the lowest ever since December of 2008; they say the rate was 7.1 percent this December in Toronto.  The average salary in Toronto pays $75, 829, making it affordable to raise a family.

Health and Safety

The City of Toronto has an excellent health care system.  There are over thirty hospitals, many that specialize in children and other fields.  The fire and ambulatory services are among the most highly respected in the world, and the Toronto Police Force keeps the crime rate low; in fact, Toronto has one of the lowest rates of homicide, robberies and break-ins of any city of comparable size.

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