Is Your IT Company Talking to You About Email Encryption Regulations?

If your IT company isn’t paying attention to compliance and new regulations for the real estate industry, they could be putting your entire business at risk. Have you heard about the new Email encryption regulation that’s taking effect? You know that no business is immune to data breaches or cyberattacks, and you need to ensure…


10 Benefits of Software Asset Management (SAM)

Software Asset Management (SAM) involves the effective management and optimization of software applications in business. By optimizing your SAM, you can realize real tangible benefits of software asset management from a business perspective. Consequently, you are also able to get the most from your software.


What’s the Difference Between Service Desk vs. Help Desk?

Many people have heard of help desk and service desk services, but how do they differ and which help desk support option is best? Depending on your needs, you can select IT support and service management options that are most suitable. There are very distinct differences between help desk and service desk services and each is uniquely beneficial for businesses

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Firewall management and its importance

Firewall management is vital to ensure that your business runs without any unexpected breaches. It is undoubtedly an ongoing process and is essential since new technology and processes are always incorporated into a business. By working with a managed IT services provider you know for a fact that your firewall will be managed efficiently. An efficient firewall helps to avoid

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What metrics count in managed IT service industry?

Many companies are embracing the services of an IT service provider purely owing to the fact that they are worried about the security threats caused due to the expanding teams and increasing probability of human error and negligence. Many companies also opt to work with a managed IT services provider since they also want to prove that they adhere to

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Don’t let cyber threats ruin your new year

You are probably gearing up for the New Year and your leadership team is formulating a plan for the next year that brings you more growth than the current one. In addition to this, you also need to ensure that your business is protected from any form of threats going forward. The last thing you need in the New Year

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Most commonly observed security threats

Organizations have been taking security related matters very seriously in the last few years.  The statistics reveal the reason behind this sense of concern. In 2015 alone, more than 100 million records were exposed owing a breach in data. This amounts to an approximate damage in the range of $1 billion. 2015 also saw a 30% increase in the number

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Recovering from a data breach incident

Many small to mid-sized business feel that they may be safe from a data breach and that they don’t fall under anyone’s radar. Hence they rarely prioritize the need to develop and response plan to such an event.  Once they find themselves in that situation, it becomes hard to deal with the problem on a real time basis and the

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Here’s why you can’t overlook cloud backup for businesses

  With modern businesses expanding their scale of operations every day; there is an immense responsibility on the efficient handling of important data and files. This data is crucial to business success and needs to be maintained with great confidentiality. The growth and the reliance of cloud data has primarily been due to the fact that it has proven to

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Learn why more companies are opting for Managed IT services

  Many a times, business houses run out of steam and cannot see a clear path forward when they are overburdened with projects or have reached the peak in terms of delivery of services .Owing to a lack of manpower  or capabilities , these businesses go through a dormant patch and this leads to a serious phase of business where

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