Using YouTube In Your Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

If a picture says a thousand word, the video must say millions.  Video is becoming more and more important as the costs of producing quick web video becomes more affordable for Toronto business.

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website in the online world. There are many functions available for the users on YouTube such as viewing, sharing and uploading video. YouTube is a listed site in Google, which means YouTube results will be available in Google search. There are so many videos put into this platform every day and there are now virtually videos on every available topic.

PowerPoint has been part of the Microsoft Office product line for many years.  PowerPoint 2010 assists in the making of captivating and professional slide presentations. The Microsoft Office suite works on multiple operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Mac (Office 2011 recently released). The presentations are equally important in school learning curriculum as well as business planning. Though there were many features available in the earlier versions of PowerPoint but the one place where it lagged was the inclusion of videos with ease. This has been made possible in the 2010 version of PowerPoint.

People wanting to create an interesting slide show could include a YouTube video by just copying the embed code in the PowerPoint 2003-07 version. But the operation has been made simpler in the latest 2010 version. The 2010 version allows you to save the entire presentation file in WMV format. This makes sure that the video plays in the relevant time and there are no issues with the online file.

It is very simple to include a YouTube video in PowerPoint following the guidelines below given:

  • Go to and search through the huge list of videos present at the website. Then select the video that is most relevant to your work. See whether the video is of high sound and video quality. Look for the embed code which is present with each video. This is present in the embed field and copy it to the clipboard.
  • Now return to the already prepared PowerPoint presentation. Go to the slide where you want to put the YouTube video. After this go to “Insert” and then look for the option “Video”; then further search for “Video from Online Site”.  You will need to have Flash installed on your computer.
  • After this there will be a dialogue box for “Insert Video from Online Video Site”, paste the YouTube video embed code in the blank area and then click “Insert”. While inserting make sure you do not use the Insert Media Clip button as that will not work for your slide. You can only embed the YouTube video with the help of the “Video” button present in PowerPoint 2010.
  • Once you are through the earlier mentioned steps, a black rectangular object appears which indicates that your YouTube video is embedded in the slide.
  • In order to view the video you may press F5 or click on “Slide Show”, then on “Start Slide Show” and finally on, “From Current Slide”. Once done you will be able to see a video with playback options as well as a controller bar. The appearance of the video will be same as it’s in YouTube. In order to start the video click on the “Play” button as you have done many times in YouTube.

With the help of these easy to follow steps adding video to the slides will be fun and not a hassle.

Summary: PowerPoint 2010 version gives the users an opportunity to embed YouTube videos in a very simple manner. The videos can make your presentation more engaging for your audience.

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