What Can Toronto’s IT Companies Learn From Blackberry?

Canadian mobile powerhouse (former a powerhouse, anyways) Blackberry announced a fire sale on their assets, while laying off even more people. What lesson can IT providers in Toronto learn from their mistakes?

Bryan Glick of www.computerweekly.com recently wrote “the demise of the once-dominant corporate mobile supplier has lessons for every IT vendor about how the world has changed in recent years.”

He added:

“To be a success in future, an IT supplier needs to be either a consumer-oriented business, with rapid product development and innovation, in tune with the digital revolution; or they need to focus on the boring back-end stuff, the storage, server, networks and cloud infrastructure elements that require reliability, security, dependability, resilience and manageability.”

There is some real wisdom here. Adaptability and customer service continue to be two of the biggest things that help businesses succeed in the technical (or any) sector.

The needs of the client will continue to shift, on an individual and industry level. So IT providers in Toronto and the rest of the world will have to adapt. Either by ensuring their solutions will always match what businesses need right now, or by offering a level of service that ensures customers feel like their needs are met.

BlackBerry is a great example of users and companies disregarding their brand loyalty, if something that truly works better for them comes along. Nobody is immune to that, especially companies in the technical sector.

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