What NOT to Do When Working With Your Remote IT Support

Working With Your Remote IT Support

There are many businesses with whom your business will interact, and the better you communicate, the better it is for both parties.  One prime example is your remote IT support company. Depending on how well you can express your needs, you can make the IT support company’s life easy, or make it very challenging.

Your company will be affected either way, so here is what NOT to do when working with your remote IT support team, so you get the most support when you need it.

DON’T Give Your Remote IT Support Too Much Information

You are using remote IT support in order to make your company more efficient. The IT support team can be most effective when they are quickly pointed in the direction of a problem, so that they can quickly resolve it. If you give your support personnel too much detail about the problem, then the process will take longer than it has to. For example, if you accidentally downloaded a virus, remote IT support does not need to know about all of the steps that led you to the download link.

Instead, just let them know that you accidentally downloaded a virus, the download origin and the problems that are being caused as a result.

DON’T Intentionally Leave Information out When Discussing a Problem

If a member of your team makes a mistake that caused an IT problem, we understand that you do not want to be embarrassed. However, your IT support team understands that you and the rest of your team are not computer experts; as such, they expect the occasional user error. Also keep in mind that leaving out important facts about an issue will impede your IT support team’s ability to efficiently get you past the problem.

DON’T Take over a Computer When Your Remote IT Support Is Trying to Help

While it may seem like a good idea to walk your IT support team through what is going on by using your administrative privileges to show them exactly what is going on, this will actually slow down your remote IT support’s ability to solve the problem. This is because IT experts are extremely effective at locating the source of and resolving a problem after only gaining basic knowledge about the problem. Trying to bring them to the problem yourself actually interrupts their ability to do this.

DON’T Make Too Much Small Talk

Every professional conversation should include a certain amount of decorum. That being said, you do not want to make so much small talk that your remote IT support cannot concentrate on fixing the current problem.

Other than the initial friendly greeting and the occasional friendly gesture, try to keep the conversation on topic, only discussing the computer problem at hand. Long stretches of silence are even okay, because an IT professional will appreciate this while they are focusing on doing their job.

Are You in Need of IT Support Services?

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